NPL Whitepaper


Web3's First Play-To-Earn Cricket Game


  • NFT Premier League (NPL) is a Web3 gaming app in which you own your Players in the form of NFTs. And you can make handsome earnings by playing cricket matches.
  • If you ever had a passion for Cricket and lost it somewhere, NPL is the way to go. NPL not only provides an amazing 1:1 cricket experience but also rewards your passion.
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  • Our mission is to change the gaming landscape by Inspiring millions to play cricket and help them enter web3.
  • The ultimate goal of NPL is to upgrade the cricket fan experience by moving closer to the core of cricket. Through igniting zeal and passion for cricket - we aim to be the leading web3 cricket app.

Who can use NPL?

  • EVERYONE CAN USE With a little bit of gamification and play2earn as the core mechanic, NPL can nudge millions to embrace a gaming lifestyle.
  • ZERO ENTRY BARRIER NPL does not require people to own NFT assets to play2earn. Instead, they can rent them for free from other users to get started, with the earnings split later. (Coming soon)
  • LEARN AFTER EARN Non-crypto natives can earn before they learn how to use a Decentralized Wallet. This will also be their first step in the Web3 world.

How to earn with NPL? - MINT . PLAY . EARN

  • MINT PLAYERS NPL is a new type of cricket game partially owned and operated by it's Players. Buy Players & Accessories in the form of NFT on the marketplace.
  • PLAY THE MATCH Compete with other cricket fans around the world. Win the matches and Up-Skill your players to perform better next time.
  • EARN CRYPTO Earn NPL Tokens by winning the matches and trading your players for high prices. Use these tokens to decide the future of the game!
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