NPL Whitepaper

Player NFT

Can you imagine playing cricket without Players? No, right. Players are the core of the NPL.

You get to own Players NFT

Web 3.0 is the future and NFT is a big part of this future. The players get to be a part of this internet revolution by owning their NFT with NPL. The players also get to Up-Skill their Players NFTs and make them more valuable with each game.

Players Minting

There are 2 ways you can acquire the players NFT in-app.
  • You can buy from OpenSea Marketplace (Launching in May 2022). Later, you can buy from In-App Marketplace (Launching in July 2022). You can also list your Player NFT to sell on In-App marketplace.
  • You can rent Players NFT for free from other users to get started, with the earnings split later. (TBD)
The accepted mode of currency for the purchase will be MATIC (Polygon). In future, we will add more currencies like USDT, ETH etc.

NFT Supply

In the close beta phase, NPL is going to release 1000 Common Players, It will be distributed to our early community members and supporters. 500 out of 1000 Players would be used in whitelisting.
Once the app goes live for public, we're going to distribute 100K Players gradually based on the user demand. These Players can't be reproduced and will only be sold by NPL. Because of it's rarity nature, players would have a higher collectibility value.