NPL Whitepaper


To build an economy in everyone’s common interest
We will have our native in-game currency named 'NPL ($NPL)' which will be a ERC20 fungible token.
The goal with $NPL is to create a sustainable economy while aligning the incentives for all the stakeholders of the ecosystem - Community, Builders, Developers, Investors

Token Utility:

  • Access to gameplay $NPL will be the main currency inside the app and will be a medium of transaction for all the gameplay activities - Player minting, Level upgrading, Recharge, and Unlocking Mystery Boxes​.
  • Staking rewards: If you hold and stake your $NPL tokens inside the app, you will be able to earn a handsome interest rate and earn more $NPL tokens.
  • Governance Once we have built a mature product and ecosystem for all the stakeholders, we will start decentralize the project and let the $NPL token holders decide the direction and future of NFT Premier League (NPL).